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Thoughts about the Internet ...

>> Thursday, May 28, 2009

A friend pointed me to a blog post yesterday that is discussing the effects of the Internet on individuals and society. It was an intriguing, and sometimes guilt-producing read! (I'm real good at the homeschool mom guilt thing)

The author discusses the "sins" of narcissism and waste generated by Internet use and the effect it can have on family relationships.

I need some time to digest what he's written. My first read left me feeling both guilt at what I recognized as myself in some of his statements, and strong disagreement at many other statements. But it did make me wonder what effect the Internet has on *homeschool* families ... particularly moms who are often tied at home 24/7 raising and teaching children. Is it a legitimate resource for "reaching out" when one is primarily at home?

So what are your thoughts? I'd be interested in your reaction to Internetmonk's ideas.



Lorraine June 15, 2009 at 9:17 PM  

Me again :-)

Through the years of homeschooling an only child, I was blessed many times by the connections I was able to make online through a couple of different Christian homeschool forums. Granted, the reaching out and leisure time it brought was not always managed well by me, and I guess that is a time-stewardship issue that I still grapple with (I too, have been very good at the hs mom guilt thing, sometimes justified, other times not... :-/ I guess it's like any other blessing, that it can become a wrong focus when over used, and I think only the individual heart before God can know what that is.

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