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I found my desk!

>> Friday, March 20, 2009

I don't know about anyone else, but February and March tend to be the hardest months of the year ... for homeschooling or just life in general! My desk is always a good indicator of this mid-winter slump. Instructor's Guides pile up, assorted notes and papers litter my desktop, and somewhere under all of the "stuff" are bills and important notifications.

Each year at this time I see my life reflected in the clutter on my desk. My priorities go out the window and I have little motivation to put away the "IGs" and sort through the "papers".

So what's the remedy? Well ... cleaning off my desk is always a good place to begin! The point being that often just identifying one small task, and choosing to get it done, is a good start towards climbing out of my mid-winter slump. Another good idea is to get OUT! Out of the house, out of your office, out of the kitchen ... whatever applies. Even if it's just for a brisk, 15 minute walk around the block, the change of scenery and fresh air is always a good slump-reliever.

Or maybe you need to give yourself the "gift" of a few moments alone. After your kids are settled in for the evening, pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and spend some time browsing through Sonlight's Podcast library. The series on How to Organize Your Homeschool is always a good motivator this time of year.

Send me some of your "slump-busters" ... I'd love to hear them! And as my mother used to tell me, spring is always just around the corner.

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